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3rd January: Motion devised to enquire about the possibility of hanging flagpoles outside the Ashbourne Municipal District building (Ashbourne flag, Meath flag, Ireland flag and EU flag). Also branch AGM to discuss the appropriation of discretionary funding. 

13th January: Press release went out to warn people about road safety during the present adverse weather conditions. Warnings went our regarding treacherous road surfaces and people were encouraged to stay in where possible and to check in with elderly relatives.

15th January: Illegal dumping report.

16th January: St. Patrick's Day Festival organisation.

18th January: Fleenstown floods 12:15-14:00.

19th January: Discussion at Ashbourne MD meeting RE: public/linear park. Also, appeal to Council for a date with which to commence works on Caste street to make it safer for school children. 

29th January: Noise complaint from Brindley Park residents.

4th February: Ongoing Pyrite dealings.

8th February: Email to engineer regarding details of several recommended road repairs, surface repairs, rumble strips and lighting to be installed in several around the district. Areas including Ashbourne, Fleenstown, Primatestown, Rathfeigh, Painestown, Ballymadun, Robertstown rd, Skryne, Walterstown, and Stamullen. 

11th February: Presentation to Johnswood residents regarding latest developments at Municipal level. Issues surrounding open space, traffic lights, speed bumps, Pride of Place initiative and dog foul signs amongst others.

18th February: Need to contact MCC engineer to sort out traffic calming measures on Johnswood road. Also: I have asked the Council to see a plan for phase 2 of Frederick st refurbishment, I have liaised with Garden City Residents Association and the residents themselves regarding the footpaths and trees, I have delveloped motions regarding Loc8 codes (instead of Eircode) and a motion I submitted to the Council to declare Meath as Ireland's first cycle friendly county was passed.

22nd February: I wrote a letter to Primeline in relation to the possibility that the evergreen trees on the perimeter with the R135 could be cut back from where it is encroaching out beyond the perimeter wall and fencing. This is a bid to improve the aesthetic of this area for the Pride of Place Awards. 

23rd February: Plan for visit from Junior Minister with responsibility for the OPW, Simon Harris. I want to bring him around all of the areas badly damaged by the flooding in November 2014.

23rd February: I tackled issues regarding the proposal to build a through road from Johnswood road, through Millbourne to the new school campus road, joining the access road to the GAA club. Risk assessment performed. 

23rd February: Irish Water meeting - I asked them questions regarding 1) our fresh water supply, 2) our waste water, 3) property in Deerpark belonging to the Council at present, 4) Supply capacity both residential and commercial, 5) Churchfields. 

25th February: Motions to Meath County Council. Motion 1: In light of the flooding last year, can I ask Meath County Council to set up a mailing list of all land owners, agricultural or developmental, so that an annual reminder/info can be sent to those responsible for maintenance of hedgerows and drains. Motion 2: Ask MCC to bring the roadsweeper to Ashbourne including info on what areas will be swept on what days/times so that we can make provisions to ensure that there are few restrictions in and around housing estates.

1st March: Report on the impracticalities of new national postcode system, Eircode. 

6th March: Proposal to create walkway from Crescent area, Killegland st through the Church of Immaculate Conception, to Frederick st.

7th March: Bus Eireann questions: Baltrasna stop. Zoned pricing.

7th March: Article about the housing crisis in Ashbourne.

9th March: Motion to declare Meath as Ireland's first cycle friendly county was unanimously passed in the Council.

9th March: Simon Harris visited flood affected areas of Ashbourne last Tuesday. Report is due later this month from MCC and CFRAM (Catchment Flood Risk Assessment and Management). 

12th March: Email to MCC engineer regarding line painting. Multiple areas to be targeted around Ashbourne, Kilbride and Ballymadun. This will see the introduction of more yellow boxes, double yellow lines, disabled parking spaces, right and left exit lanes, s-bends, continous white lines and rumble strips. All designed to improve road safety. 

17th March: St. Patrick's Day Festival. 

25th March: 9 houses being remediated for pyrite. Families being vacated on Sat April 25th with works commencing on the 27th. 

29th March: Motion to introduce bye-laws into the Ashbourne District.

20th April: Email to fellow Coucillors to support a motion to introduce bye-laws into the town and district. It has been 6 months since this motion was last defeated.

26th April: More work with 13 residents' associations in the town regarding the Pride of Place competition. 

29th April: Ashbourne housing crisis work.

11th May: Launch of the Ashbourne Business Enhancement Scheme pioneered in 2012).

11th May: Pot holes in Huntsgrove to sort out.

11th May: Plans for a signalled junction at Swan's crossroads in Curragha. Initial Council consultation due to take place tomorrow. 

12th May: My motion to scrap the proposed national postcode Eircode was passed by MCC.

18th May: Looking into the different ways to make Meath age-friendly: additional funding for dropped kerbs, benches, flxibus, Men's Shed, Later Life Network.

3rd June: Motion one: asking MCC to implement a footpath (cheap, temporary surface) on the right of way from Milltown Estate to the rugby club. Motion two: asking MCC to schedule a works' program for roadside grass cutting on public roads for the summer/autumn period. Question: Has MCC any intention to erect street signs and/or wall plates within the main thoroughfares of Ashbourne.

5th June: Dog fouling information: working on getting statistics and info together to compile a comprehensive report.

6th June: Plan to improve Fine Gael braches and districts and to increase party membership.

15th June: Town Twinning Initiative idea sparked. Also, press release regarding the Garden City pedestrian crossing.

15th June: Proposal to SPC that MCC engage with existing chambers of commerce across Meath, Chambers Ireland and Retail Excellence Ireland, with regard to creating district-based chambers of commerce. The idea would to be to create 6 district chambers: Ashbourne, Bettystown/Laytown, Kells, Navan, Ratoath and Trim (based on the new electoral divisions).

20th June: Meeting with Michael Ryan of Saltan Properties to discuss land provision adjacent to Millbourne.

23rd June: Consultation with Irish Water regarding waste water problem in Ashbourne, specifically in Garden City. Also, issues addressed in Ashewood.

28th June: Written statement regarding meeting with Minister Coffey (pyrite issues in Ashewood, Rathlodge and Racehill Manor. 

3rd July: Meeting with Gary Delaney of Loc8 Code and report in progress in relation to the problems with Eircode, why it won't work and why it is a huge waste of money.

11th July: Disability Advisory Group press release.

13th July: Letter to Liz Warters in HSE regarding technical aids for people that are deaf within Co. Meath. 

15th July: Bid to make necessary infrastructural changes to help make Ashbourne and age-friendly town. Also, some discretionary funds (5 applications so far) have been processed which will give these community groups funding. 

16th July: Plan to cycle from Ashbourne to Rome via France and Switzerland collecting money for two local families going through personal difficulties. 

17th August: Press release: Irish water - the single biggest stick to beat all Fine Gael members with. 

25th August: Last minute preparation for the annual 6&10K Road Race and Fun Run in aid of local charities (event taking place on the 28th).

2nd September: Motion 1: can I ask MCC to write a letter to the Minister for Environment Alan Kelly, requesting that with immediate effect, Irish Water continue the level of customer service that was previously carried out by MCC; specifically with waste water blockages in common public drains. Motion 2: can I ask that Ashbourne MD Councillors support a motion calling on MCC to change the speed limits on all classified local or 'L' roads to have their speed limits reduced from 80km/hr to 60km/hr. 

6th September: I welcome MCC's efforts to enforce dog licenses and call for extra resources to be ringfenced for animal welfare improvements and initiatives (Meath Pound, dog walking routes, bins, dog park etc). Also, press release regarding diseases and parasites from dog faeces.

7th September: Motion: MCC initiate plans to connect a road between the business park/city north hotel with the village of Stamullen and its residents. 

7th September: Article on the Battle of Ashbourne Commemorative Committee, article on the 'Tea and Talk' event on 11th October.

10th September: Devised the Horse Racing Festival introductory note. Also, press release regarding bye-laws (intoxicating liquour in a public place).

17th September: Nominated for role of Chair of JPC (Joint Policing Committee). 

20th September: AILG article.

19th October: Issues in Garden City addressed (dumping, bins, pedestrian crossings, cycle lanes, speed bumps etc).

28th October: Motion: to call on MCC to include the L1007 from Ratoath through Kilbride to the Dublin border at Mulhuddart and the Rathfeigh X to Skryne section if the L1002/L1005 in the winter gritting program. Question: to ask MCC for an update to a motion from 2014 regarding the installation of flag poles outside the Ashbourne MD building. 

28th October: Email the chamber regarding a number of events taking place. Some include: Vlogby new business launch, Kieran Gore fundraising dinner dance, crime prevention showcase with An Garda Siochana and Meath Enterprise Week).

30th October: Contacted Ray from the High Street to hopefully secure an empty unit for a 'pop up theatre'

5th November: Secured pop up theatre on high street to run 'Sive'.

10th November: Upgrading of traffic light system outside Campus to facilitate a right hand turn into Alderbrook. Also, visit to Curragha school to assess traffic situation. Problems tackled here.

11th November: Letter to Paudie Coffey and submission to NTA. 

22nd November: More work on Ashewood pyrite issue: I want to take on Ashewood as a case study. This will hopefully help residents.

23rd November: Request to erect two electronic signs at either end of the town to maximise the Christmas shopping period in Ashbourne. It is an opportunity to thank the public for their patience and help retailers in the run up to their busiest time of year. 

23rd November: Plans for a memorial garden (1916/2016). Trying to source an appropriate location. 

7th December: Press release regarding Ashbourne signage problems and changing the name of Broadmeadow st to Thomas Ashe st. Also: flooding update (analysis of the worst hit areas including illegal dumping exacerbating the isue).

8th December: Organisation of the Ashbourne Adverse/Extreme Weather Response Group.

18th December: Mini wishlist: dog foul bins, 4 tress for Johnswood park.

21st December: Idea to make Ashbourne a 'smart town' (i.e. smart bins and light systems...what else can we do?)

30th December: Formation of newsletter: estate by estate breakdown... local, national and global politics and their implications.