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I have lived in Ashbourne all my life: My parents moved out from Dublin in 1976 to where I live now which is West View in Ashbourne.  I bought my parents’ house back in 2002 and so have been living here for 36 years.

Through my work in business, I have developed a track record for building things from nothing and making them thrive. As an elected councillor I hope to do the same.

I think the main role for the council is to improve the quality of life for local residents. Financial resources are thin on the ground at the moment, so sometimes this involves supporting local volunteer groups, whether it is:

  • The Youth Café;
  • The St. Vincent DePaul;
  • The Tidy Towns;
  • Helping to organise the St. Patricks Day Parade;
  • Supporting the local Chamber of Commerce; and
  • A number of other groups in the area.

Many people involved in these groups will know that I gave my support, when I could, long before I ever thought of running for the local council.

As President of the local Chamber of Commerce, I have joined others in an effort to improve the business environment for Ashbourne.