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Native Trees to be Planted Locally

Posted 23 Mar. 2014

A competition ran by the Irish Independent last year to win thirty trees, courtesy of the Native Woodland Trust's  'Trees for Communities' scheme, has been won by local area representative Alan Tobin. The parcel received by Alan on the 11th of March consisted of ten Rowan, ten Hawthorn and ten Birch seedlings; all native species to Ireland.

The Native Woodland Trust is Ireland's leading environmental organisation concerned primarily with woodland preservation; however, they are also the only environmental charity actively planting trees in their own woodlands across the country.

The NWT's 'Trees for Communities' initiative was designed to encourage people to take an active role in helping to protect and improve the environment. Trees are vital to maintaining environmental beauty and health; they absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and use it to release oxygen back into the air.

This gift of thirty trees to Ashbourne means that not only will our environment benefit, we will be helping to improve the aesthetic appearance of the town, whilst providing ideal spots for various types of wildlife to inhabit.

Ashbourne Tidy Towns will be receiving these seedlings during the week where plans will be made to plant them around the town. If you want to get involved in planting these trees for the benefit of our community, get in touch with Alan at: or visit Ashbourne Tidy Town's Facebook page.