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Objection to Planning in Millbourne

Posted 04 Oct. 2020

Submission planning application AA190862.


The development is part of Millbourne phase 2, and if permission is given, it will take away the only substantial greenspace in this housing development. The open space provision as stipulated by the Meath County Development Plan states that “public space to be provided at a minimum rate of 15% of the total site area on greenfield sites and that the allocation should be in the form of useful open spaces, and where appropriate larger neighbourhood park to serve the wider community". 


No appropriate larger neighbourhood park, although planned, ever materialised. Now Meath Co. Co. must find extra resources to purchase the lands originally foreseen as this larger park. This was supposed to be provided by a consortium of developers - not provided at the tax payers expense which is today's reality. 


In Millbourne, the current greenspace including the site, privately owned, in which the current planning application is now being sought, is just 12.60%, if the site is built on, the provision will be between 2-3%, which is totally unacceptable for a high density residential development and in breach of proper, sustainable planning. 15% is the stated minimum and this should therefore deem the planning application invalid and in my opinion refused. 


If this is the case, serious negotiations between residents, the developer and Meath Co. Co. must take place to ensure that the families living in both phases on Millbourne have an opportunity to live in an area with greenspace provision. The land adjacent to phase 1 & the Ashbourne Business Centre is 12.63% and although currently zoned open space, it has never been opened to the public and could make a very welcomed additional greenspace. 

This could therefore right the wrongs of past planning guidelines and bring the estate into something resembling the current 15% stipulation. I still must point out that if these eventualities became reality, both developments would still fall 2.4% below the stipulated 15%.