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Ashbourne has No Need for Speed

Posted 23 Mar. 2014

It has become apparent that there is an issue in Ashbourne with regards to speeding, particularly within housing estates, that need to be dealt with. Fine Gael local area representative Alan Tobin has acknowledged that there is a need for traffic calming measures to be put into place and has begun to work on getting rumble strips laid down in specific areas around the town that are considered to be especially dangerous including; Bachelors Walk, Johnswood, Millbourne, Westfield and Brindley Park.

Many Johnswood residents have reported incidents to Tobin related to speeding in the estate, resulting in at least three accidents in the past year where people have been injured and vehicles damaged. The junction at the end of Bachelors Walk that leads to the rugby club is also a particular cause for concern as it can be very busy during times where there are matches on. This poorly lit junction faced with speeding motorists on Bachelor’s Walk is a recipe for disaster where road traffic accidents are concerned and Tobin promises to find a solution.

“There seems to be a culture in this country that prioritises the motorcar, and not the cyclist or pedestrian” Tobin says. “We need to try and change and this mindset in order for motorists to slow down in built up areas”. Tobin is also planning to get a number of zebra crossings placed around the town to make is safer for pedestrians to cross potentially dangerous sections of the roads around Ashbourne including; one at the junction at Ned Nulty’s cottage on Castle Street, one on the road entering Garden City, four at the roundabout outside the GAA club and one at the top of Declan Street beside Lidl.

The introduction of rumble strips and zebra crossings will be fantastic for helping to slow vehicles down and make the roads much safer for everyone.