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Irish Water & Milltown Road: New Main Road Works Update

Posted 07 Sep. 2019

Irish Water & Milltown Road: New Main Road Works Update


The new water main is progressing well, however we have another week of disruption ahead with works at the Hunter’s Lane junction scheduled to finished by Thursday 12th September. 


The three-way traffic light system has been causing problems but I am appealing to people to please adhere to the traffic lights. They are set to a very tight sequence for three-way traffic, and it does work once people obey them. Even though they are temporary lights, the normal road traffic laws still apply and those breaking the lights could get an €80 fine and 3 penalty points on their license. A survey on Friday morning saw results that 40% of motorists broke the lights, which ended up causing the whole diversion system to come to a complete standstill. This resulted in the road maintenance crew having to do traffic management rather than laying the pipe, further delaying the project. Ashbourne Gardai also had to intervene on at least two occasions. Please give yourself at least an extra 15 mins in the morning times to exit Hunter’s Lane this Monday to Thursday, and more than that if weather conditions are poor. 


Where else will new pipeline be laid? 


The investment in this area is really badly needed as we have experienced frequent leaks, cuts in supply and discoloration due to excessive iron and manganese deposits in the old pipework. Water sources or local bore holes containing these minerals have been closed. The new pipeline will be put in from Rath reservoir all the way through the town connecting with the newly laid pipe at the community centre. This is being installed in reverse. Work started earlier in the year and the section from Hickeys lane to just before Alderbrook is now in place. There will also be new pipes connecting to Racehill Manor and another pipeline will come down Castle Street and Johnswood Road. 


Site investigation works will take place along the R135 over the next few weeks to see which routes are best for the new pipes. These works shouldn’t cause too many problems. The total timeframe for all of this infrastructural work is 12-18 months. Further investment of €8m urban regeneration funding will see our town transformed with new landscaping; paths, cycleways and roads connecting both roundabouts. A lot of funding was allocated to Ashbourne for these essential works to be carried out. This is a serious investment in our town (which is about time) and we need this to help the area to grow and flourish.