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Bye laws intoxicating Liqueur in a Public Place

Posted 09 Aug. 2015

On Monday 7th of September, a motion put forward by Fine Gael Councillor Alan Tobin, on the Prohibition of Consumption of Intoxicating Liquor on Roads and Public Places was unanimously passed at the monthly Council meeting in Navan. The introduction of this bye-law means that people who are found to be consuming alcohol on streets and open public areas can be hit with an on-the-spot fine of €75. Although some towns already have the bye law introduced, some smaller towns and villages do not have these laws in place. This is a county-wide law which will hopefully eradicate anti-social behaviour in problem areas.

This motion follows on from concerns about antisocial behaviour that were discussed within the Council earlier in the summer. Councillor Tobin submitted the motion on foot of a meeting with local Gardaí in which one sergeant explained his frustrations regarding the inability of the local Gardaí to adequately deal with drinking on streets and open public areas. The visibility of alcohol consumption in public places carries some serious negative effects no matter what time of day or night and it usually contributes to unruly behaviour outside bars and clubs. The introduction of this bye law will make our streets safer - especially at night - and will lessen fear of intimidation of innocent passersby.

As a result of this new bye law, there will be marked reduction in the visual effects of our drinking culture as this will also be of benefit to our young people in our endeavours to educate them about the various types of problem-drinking. Special events including major civic celebrations, major sporting events and special community festivals will be exempt. Once the bye-law is implemented, Tobin says that he would like to see the revenue collected used to help finance youth facilities around the County.