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Free Personal Alarm for the Elderly

Posted 16 Sep. 2018

Senior Alert Scheme

The Senior Alert Scheme is a valuable initiative that helps to protect older and vulnerable people in the community by providing them with a personal alarm. It is worn either like a pendant around the neck or a watch around the wrist. When pressed, a wireless signal is emitted that alerts a 24 hour monitoring centre. It is designed to empower older people by making them feel confident and secure when going about their daily lives. I urge anyone who thinks they meet the criteria to contact me and I will organise this for you. The first year is completely free, and the cost for subsequent years is minimal.

Eligibility Criteria

  • 65 years + and;

  • Of limited means or resources;

  • Living alone, living with another person who meets the eligibility criteria, living alone for significant periods of time during the day, or is a carer to someone else in their household;

  • Lives within the geographical area of the relevant registered organisation;

  • Able to benefit from the equipment supplied.

  • Prepared to maintain contact with the registered organisation.