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Joint Policing Committee

Posted 22 May. 2016

The Meath Joint Policing Committee (JPC) is a forum that links the community and voluntary groups with local area representatives and An Garda Síochána to develop greater consultation and cooperation on issues of policing and crime. They liaise at regular meetings to discuss main issues going on around the county and discuss strategies to help deal with problems. The organisation ultimately seeks to establish a relationship between the representatives, the community and the Gardaí in order to make areas in the community better and safer places to live in.

Some of the voluntary groups who attend these meetings include Saint Vincent de Paul, the Later Life Network and Community Alert groups. These groups are working closely with the County Councillors and Gardaí to achieve an organised synergy to the way crime is managed in the towns in Co. Meath.

There are three new subgroups in Meath’s JPC and these designated areas of concern will serve to focus attention on specific issues facing the county:

  • Community safety and crime prevention
  • Public order and anti-social behaviour objectives
  • Road safety and improved driver behaviour

These subgroups have been devised to ensure that all three areas receive equal priority in terms of creating plans and developing initiatives to improve overall community wellbeing. The first meeting of the subgroups is taking place this week and will discuss respective issues where they occur. Due to the fact that the superintendents of Meath will be in attendance, it means that issues faced by the residents themselves will be heard at the highest level.

If you have any queries about the Joint Policing Committee, or if you are experiencing any issues that should be raised at the meetings, email the organisation directly at