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18th August: Letter to Rennick's - asking them to provide signage/additional warning signs and lighting around Kilbride National School. There is an issue at the school regarding speeding traffic and lack of appropriate signage.

8th September: Meeting with Rennick's RE: road safety signs for Kilbride National School.

23rd September: Speech made regarding the support of a motion to neither increase nor decrease the Local Property Tax (LPT) in a bid to ringfence monies for local area improvement initiatives.

26th September: Proposal to Kilbride Parents Association regarding funds for signage provision. 

30th September: Dealing with issues in Johnswood: inadequate pedestrian lights at junction with R135, speeding traffic, lack of appropriate pedestrian crossings and lack of amenities for children.

6th October: Letter to Forum editor regarding the previous issue of Forum that covered the decision to retain the level of LPT. In this letter, I justified my decision to vote in favour of keeping the LPT as it is.

8th October: 2015 Municipal Area Budget Meeting: €500,000 available for discretionary funding.

15th October: Working with Rathlodge Residents Association to rectify issues, to encourage them to build up a strong association with a collective voice, and devise a plan for future improvements.

16th October: Defeated motion in Meath County Council which sought to commence a review of all 'on street' parking areas; in particular on ehat will be the newly refurbished Frederick Street with a view of introducing paid parking after a two hour 'free period'. I also want to ensure that bye-laws are passed so that consequences for traffic violations can be implemented. 

22nd October: Parking issues in Killegland Court - no vision up and down the road. Double yellow lines needed either side for elderly people exiting the complex. Also, cars are blocking the exit when children are being picked up at Tiny Tots. Cars are often being left by people commuting to town (part of a greater problem in Ashbourne related somewhat to the lack of bye-laws).

23rd October: Press release issued regarding recent increase in break-ins around the area. List of crime prevention tips given. Also, AILG training day on housing: land zoning, provision of infrastructure, planning, and providing social and affordable housing.

27th October: Ashbourne Branch membership increase to 43. Ideas to develop Young Fine Gael in Ashbourne. Marriage Equality Referendum needs strong 'YES' campaign, so meetings directly related to this issue are organised.

28th October: Organisation of the Ashbourne Horse Racing Festival and organisation of the Halloween campfire event including the Ashbourne Youth Cafe and 6th Meath Ashbourne Scout troop. 

3rd November: GCCRA meeting at 9pm.

4th November: Article on Halloween campfire and haunted tent - great success despite bad weather!

5th November: Meeting all district Councillors to discuss ideas in relation to the discretionary funding. Possibility of pooling some of it for 1916 celebrations. 

3rd November: GCCRA meeting at 8pm.

6th November: Later Life Network meeting in Naval at 10am.

10th November: Pyrite meeting at 6pm.

11th November: Motion to pass bye-laws defeated by the Council. Also at this stage, I'm pricing Christmas lights for the town (€1,000).

17th November: Flooding damage assessment of Ashbourne. Number of issues identified around the town. I plan on compiling a flood report which will include what has happened and how to mitigate these problems in the future. 

18th November: Ashbourne's inaugural 'Grub Crawl' through seven different local restaurants as part of an initiative for Meath Enterprise Week. Fantastic event that served to highlight the wonderful food our town has to offer whilst promoting and nurturing innovative entrepreneurship in Meath. 

20th November: Educate Together meeting at 7pm.

25th November: Welcoming of Meath County Council's Annual Budget. Also, I'm still working on the creation of a detailed Ashbourne flooding report. 

26th November: Meeting with National Ambulance Service.

2nd December: Motion passed with unanimous support regarding the provision of emergency supplies to combat adverse/ storm weather conditions in all Meath districts, including Ashbourne. 

4th December: Lions Club meeting at 8pm.

12th December: Formation of Kilbride School Traffic Calming Plan. Total cost of proposed scheme is €6,000. Rennick's to contribute €2,000, Meath Co Co to contribute €2,000, Kilbride Parents Association to contribute €1,000 and Board of Management to contribute €1,000. 

16th December: Smart bins to be intorduced onto Frederick Street. Smart lights are also to be set up in the village (works are 40% done). Also, end of year newsletter was sent out.