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Ashbourne Chamber of Commerce

Twice I have assumed the role of Ashbourne Chamber of Commerce President; the title of which I am proud to say was mine.

As President of the Chamber, I took on the challenge to revitalise the Chamber by creating various different task forces. These task forces were run by small teams of key business people within the Chamber and they ensured that no jobs that need to be done around Ashbourne are neglected. 

My duties as President were so varied, but duriung my last time in the role, I worked (and to this day am continuing to work) on the implementation of a Park n' Ride into the town. I am working closely with bus companies to facilitate better transport services.

My position as Councillor and President of the Chamber of Commerce were not in conflict and I made a conscious effort to never politicise the Chamber. The Chamber is an independent organisation of which I am a loyal supporter.

The Chamber has helped me become the strong leader and person that I am today.