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Why Fine Gael?

I am a Fine Gael Councillor because when you look at previous Fine Gael governments, they managed the country well, their economic policies were always sustainable, and when they left government the country was always left in a good condition.

Alan Tobin with Enda Kenny supporting the work of the charity Aware.

Normally, Fine Gael have come in after a Fianna Fail government and had to steady the ship, which is what they had to do again this time around. I can see the logic of where we are and what we had to do, and where we are trying to get to.

I am aware that many of the policies of the last few years have brought pain for everyone in Ashbourne and the rest of the country: However, those policies were needed to remedy the problems left by the last government. I hope that you will place your faith in me as a Fine Gael Councillor as I aim to work away from the failed policies of that last government.

If I get re-elected as YOUR councillor on the 24th of May 2019, I will continue to strive to make my community proud. I am very lucky to have the fantastic support of my Fine Gael team behind me, but I cannot do it without your vote. 

For honest, hardwork, Vote Tobin no.1